Our story

My mother is in the jewellery industry the last 36 years. Growing up I spent countless hours by her side watching her picking up the most precious diamonds and gold for her customers.

The magic of gemstones and the beauty of jewelry was something I could only keep to myself for so long, I wanted to share it with the world so in 2021 I started Coralénia .

My goal has always been to create unique jewellery for those who love to mix textures , shapes and colours .

Now I work with a team of other women around Cyprus to bring a little bit of vibrant and colour to your day. We work hard to design, source and handcraft beautiful pieces that we hope will inspire you as much as they inspire us to continue this beautiful journey.

The name was invented by our social media manager (basically, my best friend) it is the name of her childhood fairytale hero. I am in love with the sound of it - but it has a deeper meaning as in greek it means daughter of Lenia - ' κόρη της Λένιας'. Fun fact? My mother’s name is Lenia!

Love Christina x