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Andria's jewelry set

Andria's jewelry set

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Andria's collection features stunning and glamorous pieces which are perfect for pairing with everyday looks or even for a special event!

This collection is inspired by Andria's classy style. When she was asked to choose a jewelry set that matched her personality, she wanted to make sure that she will add her fancy aestethic to it, so the people who will add her pieces to their wardrobe will be elegantly accessorised. 

Andria grow up into tha fashion world as her parents maintain a clothing boutique, the 'Feminite Boutique'. Since she was young she always was a fashion lover so she choose to follow her parents steps! Now she is working into her family clothing store! Estella website correctly gave her the title '' the absolute dog mama'' as she loves spending time with her dog! Sometimes she does not plan anything else in order to hang out with her doggy friend! Meanwhile except from her passion around fashion she mentioned that she is literally obsessed with photography. Thats why she has a large following on social media as she combines those hobbies-skills that are mentioned above! She mentioned that she is also using her instagram page in order to promote her own clothing boutique!

We had the pleasure to meet Andria and we have to say that she is adorable! She has a lovely real smile all over her face. 💙



❋ Gold plating over 304 Stainless steel

❋Ready to Gift: every order is presented in a Coralénia gift mailer box with a jewellery box, mini flower bouquet and special polishing cloth.

Please note: Due to hygiene reasons, our products are non-refundable and we do not accept returns. Please feel free to contact us by email: if you have any questions about the product before you place your order.

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